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Publishing, multimedia, internet and training.
This is Timeo.

Timeo is an Italian publisher specialized in the medical scientific sector operating both in Italy and abroad thanks to the collaboration with outstanding foreign partners for books co-edition, distribution, sale and international rights purchase. Timeo publishes books, magazines, periodicals, yearbooks, house organs both in paper and in multimedia format by supervising their production from the planning stage to the finished product and its distribution. In Italy, the Timeo Group counts on a widespread distribution network for its publications. Thanks to the synergy with other companies of the Group, Timeo can offer a wide spectrum of high-level internet projects by supervising their development from the planning stage to web positioning.

Timeo has an internal operating department specialized in medical scientific training for professionals of the sector according to the national ministerial programs. This division organizes meetings, seminars, congresses and “turnkey” exhibitions by offering a wide spectrum of services from location and sponsor search to contacts management and logistics. Timeo also supervises the development of internet websites dedicated to the events turning them into a useful operating tool for attendees and delegates. The training activity takes place in the whole national territory.

La nostra attività spazia dalla ricerca della sede e degli sponsor alla gestione dei contatti e dei servizi logistici. Timeo cura anche la realizzazione di siti internet dedicati all’evento, in modo da far divenire il sito uno strumento operativo a disposizione dei partecipanti. L’attività si svolge sull’intero territorio nazionale.

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