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The shopping trolley is the container where we put the products we want to buy.
Every moment you can have a look at the content of your shopping trolley.
It's very easy for you to add other products in it. When you see an interesting product you only need to click the button ADD.
To remove a product from the list you only need to display the shopping trolley and to click the REMOVE button, near the article we wish to remove from our shopping trolley.

The orders are realized through the internet site, using the proper forms.

Orders execution will be done in 3 days after order receipt.

You can choose through different forms of payment:
The price is comprensive of italian VAT. Shipping to l'Italy (and italian island) + 6,00 Euro
To other cowntry 30,00 Euro addition.

According to law you have 10 days from the product receipt to escape the purchase. If you decide to escape the purchase, please send an e-mail to: abbonamenti@timeoeditore.it by supply:
  • The product code;
  • The progressive order number;
  • your personal details (name, surname, address, telephone, bank details as account number and holder name, ABI and CAB of your Bank).
TIMEO srl will send a bank transfer back to you.
Necessary condition in order to exercise the escape law is that the product and the packaging have to remain intact.
To exercise the escape law is absolutely necessary that the product and the packaging remain intact Obviously you can escape the purchase after having opened the packaging and seen the product.
The refund will concern the price of the product

Please forward the returned goods to:
Customer service - TIMEO srl
Via Rossini, 10 - 40067 Rastignano - Bologna (Italy) - Tel. +39 051 6260473 - Fax +39 051 6268163

For communications please call Tel. +39 051 6260473 - Fax +39 051 6268163
e-mail: abbonamenti@timeoeditore.it

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Tel. +39 051 6260473 - Fax +39 051 6268163
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